Monday, October 16, 2017

Disobedience #writebravely

According to many Indian Parents, Disobedience means not complying to rules/laws they set as parents. Being an obedient child means following your parent's rules on top gear without questioning, even if you really want to. Ain't the country like that too now? Then why bother?

Everything Starts at Home, isn't it?

How important is it to stand up and raise questions to your parents? How do you know when you must?

I have personal experiences from being called the obedient child to becoming disobedient. However, the terms have differed now. The talks changed to arguments and then to fiery fights before we saw a change. My sister and I see the difference in our parents now. They used to live for the society like many parents of their generation before. The society we live in can make any parent have a negative mindset. Even if your own child is on the right path, the fear-factor of parents can make the child lose it all. Following the society without any norms is also an unjust act to me.

Disobedience truly means
failure or refusal to obey rules or someone in authority

Every generation will have a set of parents who will suppress their kid's choices and not listen to them. Similarly, every generation will also have parents who completely kneel and listen to their kid's requests. Parenting is not an easy task. Isn't it the same with growing up? Until the kid in us wakes up, we cannot truly be a parent.
I stand up for my rights!

Times change. How my grandmother lived, how my parents lived and how I live has so much difference. To think about my child's life scares me now. Still, there is this ray of hope with the present generation. They don't mind being called a disobedient child. They stand up and ask questions. At times, even if it is not their parents, they speak-up to anyone who listens. That's why we must allow them to speak-up as parents. Above all, we must truly know the difference between a non-cooperating child and a disobedient child. In today's revolutionary world, every person has the right to stand up against injustice, even if it is about taking a break from their monotonous classes.

Parents accepting their mistakes before their kids when we do one, will encourage them to open-up. As a mother, I am slowly understanding how influential my being is becoming. I know some parents who force their kids into some random classes only because their friend's child is there. If my child wants to join a guitar class, I don't want to predestinate her to become a rock-star. They can still become that martial art instructor who can play a melody to rejuvenate themselves. 

Let's teach our children to stand up against injustice, instead of terming them as disobedient or obedient children. If they don't stand up for their rights, they can never stand up for others.

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Friday, October 13, 2017

Bated Breath #Writebravely

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She let out a cry,
Looking at the deep blue sky,
Her unanswered prayers,
Were rolling down as tears.

She didn't like her fate
Laughing at her state,
She bent and kissed,
Her husband's burnt wrist.

Her 45 year wedded life,
Made her a strong wife,
Not one tear she shed,
All along she was their only thread.

Her son came running to her,
Everything else went blur,
With bated breath he said,
"We were misled!"

I am taking part in The Write Tribe Problogger October 2017 Blogging Challenge

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Monday, October 09, 2017

Terminal #WriteBravely

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Two years had passed since Anjana left India for good. She had left because she wanted to run away from the chaos of her life. Her on-site opportunity was her only blessing. She had not shared her number with anyone. She just lived all by herself and spoke with family who spoke only because she called, not even once did they ask her anything else.

Today she was on her way to India. At the airport terminal she came to know about her delayed flight. She had ample time with nothing to do. Slowly thoughts crept in, as she sat down and thought about what to say when she goes back.

Just before two and a half years, her parents had arranged her wedding. She had to tell them she was in Love, but heavily single sided, waiting for Roshan. He was still not over his ex. To be more clear, his once-upon-a-time girlfriend loves to interfere very much in his life in the name of care. He couldn't see the clear picture.

Roshan and Anjana were family friends who had always liked each other. Their lives took different turns when they fell in love for the first time. Yes, with other people. They both had a struggled relationship with their then partners. Anjana had felt better when she broke up, but Roshan's girlfriend left him making him feel miserable. She made sure she stayed in touch only to poke him around saying how her married life is miserable now. Roshan was blind enough to believe her.

When they both met, they had spoken all about their lives so far. They both had a great time than they expected. Anjana liked Roshan, however, she wasn't sure of a relationship. She didn't want one. After almost a year of talking about everything under the sun, she felt like they were already in a relationship. Roshan felt lighter than ever. He slowly moved to the present. He was living his life without any regrets. However, his ex-girlfriend called him once in a while to talk to him. Gradually, he let her know about his new life and how he wanted to move on. Her pang of jealousy took over and she made it clear that she still misses him. He wasn't ready to answer.

When Anjana came to know this, she decided for herself that he would go by her words. She told him how much she loves him and ran away without waiting for his answer. He tried calling her, but she never picked up. Her parents had introduced her to Amit, an Engineer, friends with a relative. The relative made sure her family accepted the prospect. When Anjana was on the edge with this alliance, she had no other choice, but to accept the On-site opportunity. The alliance had agreed to wait for two years. She hoped, he wouldn’t. They were so alike in the wrong things and she didn’t want to take this forward. She had already informed them she wasn't interested. All ears went deaf to her words and all they ever bothered was about her first love failure, which they made sure was not conveyed to Amit & Family.

When she finally reached Chennai airport, her eyes wandered to meet Roshan, knowing he wouldn't be there. To her shock, Amit welcomed her. She didn't know what to say. Before she could ask for an excuse and move away, he had asked her to follow him. She felt annoyed with his behavior and turned away. She saw Roshan looking glum with a baby in his hand. His ex-girlfriend walked towards him with a wide smile. Anjana wasn't just upset with what she saw, she made up her mind not to see him anymore.

Why did she have to see him?  Why was he there anyway?

Questions flooded her mind with no answers. Amit took her to his car. He waved at the woman sitting inside the car and asked her to come out. He introduced her as Akshatha, his fiancĂ©e. Amidst her misery, this was such a huge relief. She congratulated them and finally asked why her parents had not come to pick her up. He asked her to get in, he had a story to tell her. He told her about everything that happened after she left.

Roshan had spoken with her parents after she left. He had told them that he was the reason behind her denials to her family's request. He had gone there to ask them for acceptance. She couldn't believe anything Amit had said. She was silent all the way home. Her parents were waiting eagerly to receive her. They were smiling at her. They called her in and asked her if she was really in love with Roshan. She just said, "Yes, but there is no point in talking about it now.", knowing nothing is going to change what she saw at the airport. Though they had pre-booked an engagement hall, they had waited for her answer this time. They were so sure about her this time. Staying away makes parents understand their children better.

Roshan had spoken to his ex-girlfriend and asked if he can meet her with her family. She denied it upfront. This time, he had called her repeatedly and asked her what was going on? She agreed that her past was better than her present. He decided to meet her and share a few words. He had met her husband, introduced himself, cleared the air and closed their chapter. Her husband, a genuine person, had agreed to come to his wedding with his family and wished him goodness. He was at the airport to receive them when Anjana came.

Roshan had known, the only person who needs to know his Love was Anjana. She understood his glum face now. There was no denying her love for him. There was nothing more to stop her from loving him anymore. He had come to her home now. His glum face, waiting for an answer. She just ran and hugged him tight. They went hand in hand to the engagement hall. 

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Friday, October 06, 2017

Nostalgic #writebravely

Last October, I skipped a period. However, I thought I must wait for a couple more weeks before deciding or letting everyone know. By Diwali, it was evident and I was asked by my family to stay super cautious for the first three months of my pregnancy.

This year, my once delicate darling is not delicate anymore. She is growing up quickly. She is into her 5th month already. I just took this time to look back to the day when I started from the hospital on Day 3.

Day 3:

I was all set to move from the hospital to my mother's home that evening with my delicate darling wrapped in pink. Though I had read so much about parenting and babies, everything in front of me was very new. I just let go of it all, completely adhering only to my little one's schedules that she set for herself.

Though I had a normal delivery, I was so tired and couldn't move around much. I felt as if my pelvic girdle was hanging on both ends. I even thought if Cesarean would have been a better option.

Day 9: 

We named our little one! We named her Ilakkiya! The name means, literature, or learned. It is a name applicable to Lord Lakshmi and also for Durga Devi. My husband and I selected this name for the little one.

Day 15:

We took her out for the first time for her 2 week review. I was glad she was quiet during travel. She slept most of the time during travel.

I tracked her feeding timings along with the drops prescribed for her. Some home-made medicines were also given on schedule. I felt so glad for being at mom's home because I hardly slept in the night. I wasn't able to move around much neither was I having a routine apart from feeding her.

1 month:

By the end of 1 month, my little girl slowly started observing her surroundings. I was surprised to see her staring at family, the only blurred images visible in front of her. 

2 Month: 

My grandmother was having a tough time with my little one. We call my granny as the "The Medicine Lady". Ilakkiya cries when she comes in the evening, but not in the morning. These little ones, I tell you, are so smart.

3 months:

Until the end of 3 months, her sleep routine, as well as crying, didn't stop much. She slept as wanted and she cried for almost everything. Her only mode of communication was crying, isn't it? She was very good at that. However, I was lucky to understand her crying patterns by then and my little one is very understanding!

4 Months:

By the end of 4 months so much has changed!  She is now not my fragile baby anymore. She even fell once from the pillow on my lap onto the bed. Though that scared me so much, I was glad she was alright. She smiled and that's when I realized how strong these little ones are. However, the one thing that still scares me is cutting her nails.

She is in her 5th month now. She recognizes my parents and my sister so well. And she rolled just a week before we started from there. Yes, I am at my in-law's place now, as I etch this entire post. Nostalgic moments. Today's prompt just made my day.

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