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#WednesdayVerses: Shadow of our Love

Life today isn't what it was Before a couple of years, With pain engulfing me, Not knowing what the next turn is about to bring.
From being the confused soul To becoming the firm believer, I have been through it all, To understand I belong with you!
We stayed away, To know what it really means, We walked away because We didn't want to hurt each other.
Though we knew it from the beginning, We are meant to be, We had been through enough, To believe in this sweet ecstasy.
When we let things be, And broke our walls, We found each other, And laughed at our choice.
We married with blessings from all, A splendid surprise after a long haul, As Man and Wife our journey began, Enjoying each moment as much as we can.
Even as Life twists and turns, And even now some words burn, You and I walk together, Making this is our package altogether.
The arrival of our bundle of joy, Has made us laugh more and enjoy, All her giggles and snuggles, Is more than enough to make her our new Valentine.
Watching the shadow play in our …
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#WednesdayVerses: That Calming Effect

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It isn't easy to stay silent, Amidst chaos, Inside as well as out, But, I have no choice.

Anger rising slowly, As I hold it all in that deep breath, Waiting to let it go, But all I do is push it aside.

Words can be wronged, It's the same with feelings, When you let them out to those who don't understand, It does not hold any value.

Tears make more sense, Those who don't understand today, Will know someday, That I don't have anything more to say!

It's better to let it go, Than to make others see your point, Which some never understand, Until they bother to listen.

As I realize this, A sense of calm enters me, Tells me that I have me, The best company!

Prompt: Calm

Joining Vinay and Reema for #WednesdayVerses.

#WednesdayVerses: My Blessing In Disguise

Though times have changed, The memories we created remain unchanged, We have learnt to be together, Even during the bad weather. 
As we sipped our cup of tea, Our memories started floating free, Laughter slowly filled the hall, As we started sharing it all.
We learned to be with each other, We always have one another, To share our little secrets, As well as our life's regrets.
Just upon your arrival, I thought you were my rival, You changed me with your love, For which I am thankful to the lord above.
We fought so much We never thought we'd even stay in touch, The day I was transferred to another state, I learnt you are my soul mate.
My First Little Girl, My Inspiration, My First Daughter, My Sweet Pride, My Second mother at times, My Best Friend Forever.
Our lives are so different, Yet we have so much to talk, A day isn't enough, To get all our stuff out.
We are best friends now, We laugh at our days before, In each other we will always confide, For we have nothing at al…

How Vitamin E Changed Me from Being Simply Pimply?

I am excited to write this blog post for #Evion via #Indiblogger. It definitely took me back to memories. This post will help people who have tasted life at its worst with acne. I share how Vitamin E helped cure my acne problem when so many other treatments failed. If one had to describe me to some other person, the first thing to notice would be my acne and the scars. This journey helped in rediscovering me. 
How it All Started?Right from my high school days, I suffered from severe acne. My parents had spent half their earnings in treating my acne. Before a decade and a half, a visit to a dermatologist was a costly affair. I took my father's Genes at least when it came to skin problems. My father and my aunt had severe acne with very little treatment leading to acne scars. However, when I had the same, my father suggested I visit a dermatologist and get it treated sooner.
I had visited many dermatologists and took medications as suggested for a couple of years. I faced severe sto…

My Kindle Story

If you had noticed, I haven't included my reading goals or anything related to reading in my previous post. It was intentional because in 2017 the only book I managed to complete was "What to expect when you're expecting". My pregnancy was a risk-free one. I never had restrictions and it was easy to satiate my cravings without even gaining a lot of weight. I was busy eating and since I had severe mood swings (not because of the food, okay), I did not read any book.
The only other book I started after delivery was "The Fountainhead" by Ayn Rand. I hardly found time to read it. I managed to squeeze in little time for this book because even a single page I read from the book made me feel it was worthy of my time. I am still reading it.

Finally, with my first love. Slowly getting back to reading. This is the book I had postponed for years. I feel I am now ready for it!! Bought this @ #InfyBangalore Looking back to that day now. #Thefountainhead #lovereading #book…

What's Your Word for 2018?

Landed in 2018.

I am still surprised how this year started. I slept earlier than usual on the New Year's Eve. Usually I stay up until midnight or much late into the night, wish everyone, visit the Ganesha temple near home and then sleep. I would wake up around 9 or 10 in the morning. However, this year, I was tired by 10.30 pm. I had traveled from Mom's place to my MIL's to celebrate here with all. I bid good night by 10 pm and before I knew it we were fast asleep. 
You wondering what's the word here?
That was how my New Year started. Early to bed, good sleep and a happy morning.
But, let's see what my word is. Read ok.

I liked the idea of working with a word a whole year after reading a few bloggers. My New Year resolutions have never crossed the mid of January until now. I have even debated about Why Bother About New Year Resolutions when we can live life as it happens each day. Sometimes, many times, I have had days where I did not know what to do, but sit and …

Thank You 2017 - I Liked You and Learned From You

How happy I was for it to start?
Very much.
Thinking about holding the little one gave me many more things to look forward to.
I was pampered so much.
Now, I need to pamper myself.😉
With so much downtime and downs, 
Now, I am glad it ended too!
On the last day and last weekend of 2017, I write this post to thank this year for all the ups and downs that had come my way. I had a close to heart beginning and an end this year. Turned 30 this year. Ain't it the beginning of life?
One reason to celebrate
Celebrations started right from the beginning of this year. My last 5 months of pregnancy were the first five months of this year. Almost 3 baby showers this year and I feel like I was dressed up all the time.  The next seven months was all baby time and I didn't even know where I left all my dresses!
One reason to be happy about
Ilakkiya is such a cute baby and I couldn't help but admire her. She has already started teaching me enough lessons. 7 months just flew by and I…